What is the Weather Like in Meridian, Idaho?

Meridian, Idaho is located in the south-central region of the state and is known for its hot summers and cool winters. In the summer months, temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with lows in the 50s and 60s. Winters are much colder, with temperatures ranging from the high 20s to the low 40s.

The area is also known for its large amounts of precipitation, especially in the winter months. Snowfall is common in the winter, and rain is a frequent occurrence during the spring and summer months.

The climate in Meridian is classified as semi-arid, meaning the area receives less than 10 inches of precipitation per year. This means that the area is prone to droughts, especially during the summer months when temperatures are high and the ground is dry.

Meridian is also known for its high winds. The area is prone to strong gusts of wind, especially in the spring and fall months. These winds can be strong enough to cause damage to property, so it is important to be prepared for high winds in the area.

Overall, the weather in Meridian is hot during the summer months and cool during the winter. The area is also prone to high winds and droughts, so it is important to be prepared for these conditions. The area also receives a large amount of precipitation, making it an ideal location for outdoor activities.

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