idaho in what time zone

What Time Zone is Idaho in?

Idaho is located in the Mountain Time Zone. This means that the state observes Mountain Standard Time (MST) during the winter and Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) during the summer. This is the same time as Utah, Nevada, California, and Wyoming, and one hour ahead of Arizona and New Mexico.

In the summer, Idaho is on MDT, which is seven hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The time in Idaho is the same as UTC-7. During the winter, Idaho is on MST, which is eight hours behind UTC, or UTC-8. This means that Idaho is two hours behind the East Coast of the United States during the winter, and one hour behind the East Coast during the summer.

The time in Idaho is generally the same as the time in cities such as Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. It is also the same as the time in parts of Canada, such as Alberta and British Columbia.

It is important to note that some parts of Idaho, such as the town of Mountain Home, observe Pacific Time instead of Mountain Time. This means that the town is one hour behind the rest of the state during the winter and two hours behind the rest of the state during the summer.

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