Refugees in Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho is home to a growing number of refugees. According to the International Rescue Committee, there are currently over 1,400 refugees living in the Boise area. These refugees come from a variety of countries, including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Refugees come to Boise for a variety of reasons. Many are fleeing war and conflict, while others are seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Boise has become an increasingly attractive destination for refugees due to its low cost of living, strong economy, and welcoming community.

The International Rescue Committee provides a variety of services to refugees in Boise, including legal assistance, job placement, and language classes. The organization also works to connect refugees with local employers, helping them to find employment and build a new life in Boise.

Boise is also home to a number of other organizations that provide assistance to refugees. These include the Boise Refugee Center, which provides housing, food, and other basic needs; the Idaho Office for Refugees, which provides employment and education assistance; and the Boise Refugee Alliance, which works to connect refugees with local resources.

The presence of refugees in Boise has had a positive impact on the local economy. Refugees have brought new businesses and jobs to the area, while also providing valuable cultural and social contributions.

Boise is a welcoming city that is home to a growing number of refugees. With the help of local organizations and the support of the community, these refugees have been able to build new lives for themselves and their families in Boise.

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