A trip to the west side of Idaho’s capital would not be complete without a stop in Garden City. Known for its assortment of vintage shops and premium boutiques, the small town is also noted for its vibrant nightlife, arts community, and outdoors-based activities. Situated between the mountains and the scenic Boise River, Garden City is Idaho’s version of New York or San Francisco. It is home to some forty clubs and a variety of other establishments, catering to all tastes and ages.

Although Idaho has long been known more for big-city culture and liberal political views, Garden City Idaho continues to attract visitors who love to shop and sample the smaller towns. Open since the early 1870s, the original Garden City was created out of an old wagon road overpass. It soon became a favorite location for travelling by stagecoach and wagon, which contributed to its early reputation as a “downtown” city. Today, it still exudes a spirit of Old West adventure and commerce.

Today, you’ll find restaurants with names like The Cheesecake Factory, minus the chocolate and cream, that serve up mouthwatering treats at surprisingly affordable rates. There are also local restaurants with names like the Plank Roadhouse, which serves up delicious barbecue in its outdoor atmosphere. Outdoor cafes and diners also line the streets, serving cocktails and other drinks in glass containers. If you’re looking for coffee shops, there’s a wealth to choose from, including Idaho’s first franchise coffee shop chain, which also serves up delicious food in its sidewalk cafe.

The Garden City Idaho Real Estate market is comprised of homes in various price ranges. You can choose from single family homes, condominiums, town homes, and multi-family homes in all sizes. The larger sizes range from one to ten units. Some of the Garden City Idaho Real Estate options include duplexes, lofts, and town homes, with some neighborhoods offering ultra-modern condominiums complete with all of the amenities and extra space you’d expect in a home. The homes also vary considerably in style and architecture, from historic and elegant to modern and energy-efficient, depending on your taste and lifestyle. They also come in different architectural styles, from the classic country cottage to the ultra-modern.

The natural landscape of the City of Gardens features beautiful gardens. They’re surrounded by lush greens and bluffs, and there’s no shortage of things to do in the outdoors. In addition to the gardens, the City has a number of recreational centers. You’ll find great places to play tennis, swim, hike, golf, fishing, boating, hiking, riding, swimming, cycling, and so much more.

The City of Gardens has a reputation for having excellent safety measures in place for residents. In fact, all residents are required to have non-emergency medical care and residents over 18 are automatically enrolled in the State’s immunization program. They also have extensive security measures including 24-hour surveillance, which is continually monitored. The City offers a well-developed public transportation system, including light rail and commuter rail, so you don’t have to worry about traveling out of the city.

With all of the benefits that Garden City Idaho real estate offers, you could say that it’s like having your own private little version of Disney. If that’s what you think, then you should consider investing in a home in this wonderful community. With all of the options available and a warm and friendly environment, it’s easy to see why Garden City ID is quickly becoming one of the best places in the United States to live.

Purchasing real estate in Idaho doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you discover just what Idaho has to offer, you’ll be eager to make an investment. As with any investment, it pays to do your research and to think long and hard about the steps before you take. This will help ensure that you only make an investment that will provide you with years of wonderful living. So don’t hesitate, contact a local real estate agent today and learn more about Idaho homes for sale.

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