Mountain Home Idaho is a popular mountain community in Idaho. It is located on the Ketchum and Idaho counties, south of Prather and east of Vail. The community is considered to be rural and is bordered on two sides by the Idaho State line. The communities of Willow, Clay and Cedar City are to the south and Wilson, Stutsman and Green Valley to the north. It is bordered on the west by the Ketchum mountains and on the east by the Snake River.

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Mountain Home ID has a large number of tourists coming in to take advantage of all the attractions that it offers. This means that real estate prices are always high. Real estate prices have increased by over forty percent in some areas within the last five years. To keep up with this rapid rate of growth, more people are moving into this area to live. This increases the demand for real estate in Mountain Home Idaho and contributes to an increase in housing prices.

Mountain Home Idaho is made up of seven main cities; Ketchum, Idaho, Elko, Twin Falls, Idaho Springs, and Twin Tree. This makes it easier for buyers to find a home within the area that fits their lifestyle and budget. Buyers can find affordable home prices in Idaho real estate if they look outside of Ketchum and Elko, although prices will still be much higher in these areas than in the rest of the Mountain Home.

Homes are available in virtually any price range. Some homes may be a few hundred thousand dollars, but they also offer three, four and even five bedroom homes built on quality land. There are also houses that are one or two hundred feet away from the mountain trails. The closer you are to the mountains, the better your chances of buying a quality home for your family.

Real estate in Idaho has always had a high price advantage over surrounding states. The mountains are beautiful year round, but they also seem to come to a halt for most of the year. The climate is pleasant during the summer months, but the winters are harsh, as temperatures that would be considered sub-par in other states are common in Idaho. The winters do not affect tourists, as there are plenty of ski resorts in Idaho and nearby Utah.

Communities near the mountains are usually close to shopping, entertainment and dining. There is also the option of working at a store located nearby or taking a golf or tennis lesson at a local golf course. There are usually plenty of employment and a good quality of life to be found in the towns surrounding the mountains. These towns are also easy to find a home for less.

Mountain Home Idaho real estate is very reasonable, especially when compared to similar housing markets. The mountains provide an outdoor living experience with year-round beauty and serenity. It is not necessary to worry about the mortgage payments, because the homes generally sell for more than they sold for when first constructed. The homes also appreciate in value very quickly, which means the monthly payment will more than make up for the initial cost. These homes can be purchased at reasonable prices and then staged to meet the requirements of a comfortable home.

Idaho mountain homes are usually built on stilts, so no building codes are necessary. They are usually constructed on top of concrete slabs, so the homes tend to look like they are perched on the mountain. Some people choose to build on stilts because it allows them to raise the ceilings. Stilts are available in different styles, so it is possible to find one that matches the architecture of the home. Another advantage to purchasing a real estate home in Idaho is that the city government generally welcomes new development. Developers are welcome to relocate the homes, so the maintenance of the property does not become too burdensome.

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