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Things to Consider When Moving From California to Idaho

With breathtaking views, easy access to beautiful national parks, low cost of living, and great climate, outdoor lovers can easily find their niche in Idaho. Since you are planning to move out of California to Idaho, here are some of the many amazing perks that await you. Read on for more.

Climate. While the weather in California may be hot and sunny year-round, the weather in Idaho (and the rest of the country) tends to be drier throughout the year. Depending on which national park you visit, temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the wintertime. So, if you’re looking for some outdoor recreation, you will have to pack your sunscreen and towels, because the weather in Idaho is usually pretty cool during the summer.

Access to Public Schools. If you are moving from California to Idaho because of school issues, you will have access to the same quality education that many California residents have. According to the US Department of Education, the average household income in Idaho is lower than the national average, and the state’s per capita school spending is lower as well. As a result, public schools are just as affordable as they are in California, and Idaho home owners can take advantage of the low costs by sending their children to local schools.

Culture. The people of Idaho love their outdoors, and they share this love of the land with visitors. In addition to cities like Idaho Falls, Salmon Bay, and the towns of La Verne, Idaho has a number of nature preserves that are home to various types of animals including elk, deer, fish, and mountain goats. And, of course, the locals enjoy the beauty of the fall foliage, which makes every visit to Sugar City, ID a pleasant and exciting event! Visitors who purchase a home in Idaho will find that the state has an amazing selection of homes for sale, many of which are located in sun-drenched communities just minutes from the Pacific Ocean.

Weather. The climate of Idaho makes it ideal for outdoor recreation, which is evident in the number of RV parks located nearby. Many of these RV parks are located near rivers, lakes, or ponds that make for great fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, and other forms of outdoor recreation. When moving from California to Idaho, movers can benefit from this location, which means they do not have to look far for a home they can move into and call their own. In fact, many movers prefer to choose homes and condominiums located in Idaho because of the low cost and the easy availability of properties.

Landscape. As previously mentioned, many people move to the scenic beauty of the American West to escape the congestion of Los Angeles or San Francisco. While living in California offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation, it is important to remember that some areas of California offer more wildflowers than anywhere else in the country. For those looking to escape the traffic and stress of everyday life, a home in Idaho offers low cost, high quality landscaping. Many of the national parks in Idaho feature lush landscapes, including rolling lawns, beautiful forests, and scenic mountain vistas.

Climate. A large part of Idaho’s geographic charm is its relative warm and dry weather. Because of this, people moving from California to Idaho can benefit from low prices on utilities and other home expenses, while enjoying the beautiful weather. While many other states struggle with extreme temperatures, Idaho rarely sees temperatures that break 50 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, which is why so many people choose to live in the area.

Housing Costs. Although housing costs in Idaho are slightly lower than the average in the rest of the nation, they still rate higher than most cities in California. In addition to the number of new homes on the market, many of which carry reasonable rates, there are also a number of new and resale properties that are being offered off the foreclosures or into the hands of buyers looking for a lower price than typical real estate sales in the United States.

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