When Was Boise Established?

Boise, Idaho was established in 1863 and officially became a city in 1864. It was named after French-Canadian fur trapper, Francois Payette, who was one of the first Europeans to settle in the area. Boise was originally a small fort and trading post, and quickly grew into a bustling city.

Boise was an important stop on the Oregon Trail, a route that settlers took to travel westward in the mid-1800s. The city was also a popular destination for gold miners, who were drawn to the area because of the Boise River’s rich deposits of gold.

Today, Boise is the capital of Idaho and the state’s largest city. It is home to over 220,000 people and is a vibrant and diverse city. Boise is known for its outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking, and rafting, as well as its cultural attractions, such as its many museums, galleries, and theaters.

Boise is a great place to live and work, and its history is an important part of the city’s identity. Its rich history and vibrant culture make it a great place to visit and explore.


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