weather in meridian idaho

Weather in Meridian Idaho

Meridian, Idaho is located in the Southwestern part of the state, and has a mild climate with four distinct seasons. The average temperature in the summer is around 78°F, with the hottest day on record being 104°F. The winter season is mild, with temperatures averaging around 38°F, and the coldest day on record being -17°F.

Rainfall is fairly consistent throughout the year, with an average of 11” a year. The months of October and November tend to be the wettest, with over 2” of rain each month. Snowfall is also fairly consistent, with an average of 16” a year. The months of December, January, and February tend to be the snowiest, with over 3” of snow each month.

The climate in Meridian, Idaho is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, and the city offers a wide range of local attractions. From hiking and biking trails to shopping and dining, there is something for everyone in Meridian. The city also has a number of parks and recreation areas, including the Settlers Park and the Sawtooth National Forest.

If you are looking for more information about the weather in Meridian, Idaho, the National Weather Service website is a great resource. The website provides detailed forecasts and current conditions, as well as a variety of other tools, such as hourly and daily weather records, and climate summaries. The National Weather Service also offers severe weather alerts and warnings, as well as air quality information.

Meridian, Idaho is home to a variety of outdoor activities and attractions, and the city’s mild climate makes it the perfect place to enjoy them all. With its four distinct seasons, the city offers a wide range of activities for visitors and locals alike. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or a summer vacation, Meridian, Idaho is a great place to experience all that the state has to offer.


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