Meridian Idaho Emissions Testing

Meridian Idaho requires emissions testing for all motor vehicles registered in Ada and Canyon counties. Vehicles must pass a visual inspection of the exhaust system and an emissions test to be registered in these counties. The emissions test measures the amount of pollutants produced by the vehicle.

Emissions Testing Requirements

The emissions test is required for all vehicles registered in Ada and Canyon counties. This includes cars, vans, SUVs, light trucks, and motorcycles. All motor vehicles must be tested every two years.

Test Locations

The emissions testing is conducted at the Vehicle Inspection Station in Meridian, Idaho. The station is located at 1737 S. Meridian Rd. in Meridian. The testing is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Test Costs

The cost for the emissions test is $29.00. This fee is paid at the time of testing. Other fees may apply for vehicles that fail the test and require repairs or additional testing.

Test Results

The results of the emissions test are reported to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. The results are also available to the vehicle owner at the time of testing. If the vehicle fails the test, the owner is provided with a list of recommended repairs.

More Information

For more information on emissions testing in Meridian Idaho, visit the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality website. You can also call the Vehicle Inspection Station at (208) 888-3020.

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