is meridian idaho conservative or liberal

Is Meridian Idaho Conservative or Liberal?

Meridian, Idaho is a city located in the northwest corner of the state, about 11 miles west of Boise. Like many other cities in the state, Meridian has a conservative political lean. According to a 2018 survey by the Idaho Statesman, 53% of Meridian residents identify as conservative and 23% as liberal.

Meridian is located in Ada County, which is the most populous county in Idaho and a Republican stronghold. In the 2018 election, Ada County went overwhelmingly for the Republican candidate, with only 33% of the vote going to the Democratic candidate. This indicates that, while there are some liberal residents in Meridian, the majority of the city is conservative.

Meridian is part of the Idaho Legislature’s District 21, which is represented by Republican Senator Lori Den Hartog. Den Hartog has been a staunch advocate for conservative values in the state legislature, and has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and the Idaho Farm Bureau.

The city of Meridian itself has a government that is dominated by conservative values. The mayor, Tammy de Weerd, is a Republican who has been in office since 2004. The city council is also dominated by Republicans, with seven out of nine members identifying as conservative.

In conclusion, Meridian, Idaho is a conservative city. While there are some liberal residents, the majority of the city is Republican and the city government is dominated by conservative values.

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