How do Idahoans Pronounce Boise?

Boise, the capital of Idaho, is pronounced differently depending on who you ask. Generally, it is pronounced as “boy-see” or “boy-zee”. Some Idahoans may also pronounce it as “boy-sigh” or “boy-zee-uh”.

The city was named after French-Canadian fur trapper and explorer, Jean Baptiste Bousier, who was born in 1776. Jean Baptiste’s last name was pronounced “boo-zee”, which is the French pronunciation. This is why some Idahoans pronounce it this way.

The city was founded in 1863 and named after Jean Baptiste Bousier, but the pronunciation of the name has evolved over time. It is believed to have been pronounced “boy-see” as early as 1864. In the late 1800s, it was often pronounced “boy-sigh” or “boy-zee-uh”. Today, it is most commonly pronounced “boy-see” or “boy-zee”.

If you’re visiting Boise and want to blend in with the locals, you should pronounce it “boy-see” or “boy-zee”. But if you want to give a nod to the city’s French-Canadian roots, you can also say “boo-zee”.

For more information on the history of Boise, visit the City of Boise’s website.

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